Education is a process of learning how to learn. It is a building process. We all learn more efficiently when we use that efficient learning process for ourselves.

The purpose of this website is to share with you my experiences with homeschooling, to help you decide what you should do, and to answer other questions you may have. I am not a professional counselor, and I hope that my past experience and enthusiasm for homeschooling speak for themselves. If you are trying to decide whether to become a homeschool parent, please don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! I would be happy to answer them.

I chose to homeschool because I believed that my children’s academic deficiencies, as well as other students in my community, speaks to a much more serious problem than I had thought. Many parents have similar stories. HESI is a critical tool for assessment and to help target help where it is needed.

The tools within the HESI:

The HESI is a comprehensive tool for parents that must be used together with the parents’ homeschool curriculum. HESI offers parents comprehensive tools for:

And, it includes a “Homeschooling Checklist”:

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While many people leave the learning of their children to an outside source (the public school system), parents who homeschool their children do not have to sacrifice their children’s education. In fact, parents who homeschool their children see it as a great way to spend their time with their children. Parents also gain a compelling reason for homeschooling when they see their children struggling in school with academic interests and requests.

The “Checklist” is a key tool for parents that will help make a bad situation far worse. The checklist is a Summary of Needs (not a list of demands), created with the help of educators and submitted to the school district where the child attends. Parents can easily use this “checklist” to make their children educated and engaged as they prepare for kindergarten.

The biggest issue with public schools is the lack of engaged parents. SES is designed to work for parents and teachers working together to make a difference in the lives of their children.

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  • Parent’s spent more time with their children as a result of using this curriculum.
  • 21st Century skills for learning included Writing, Reading, and math for all children.
  • A review of a recent national report showed that reading practices improved for all test subjects except Reading Comprehension.
  • In almost every subject, difficulties were identified in two or more areas.
  • The most common areas of difficulties were Maths and Verbal Reasoning.
  • Many parents and teachers were shocked by the high number of struggling readers who could not understand more complicated material.
  • Many struggling readers had extremely high levels of performance in the primary grades, but they were failing in Math and Verbal Reasoning because they had not mastered these skills.
  • Many of the children who were performing well in Math and Verbal Reasoning had not mastered the printed form of numbers and only counted with their fingers.
  • Parents were astonished at the low number of middle school students who could compare synonymously with older students.
  • Almost half of the students who had not mastered the printed form of numeracy could not perform simple quantitative calculations.
  • One-third of the students in the secondary grades had not mastered the printed form of numeracy.
  • Only 15% of the students in the elementary grades had mastered the printed form of numeracy.

In our current school system, only 15% of the students have arithmetic literacy of a very adequate standard, and 83% have literacy of a basic or satisfactory level.

Out of the 15% of students who have basic literacy skills, 71% had not learned sentence repetition, and only 19% could not read a sentence at a conscious level.

The results of this study show that reading skills are a very important factor in the learning of most of us.

Although reading is not the only factor that affects our lives, it is the most powerful. The results of this study also show that reading improves throughout the grade level.

Apart from that, this study has also proven that reading improves the understanding of other subjects too.

This is the time to take action children! Don’t let the sites that teach incorrect information pass your child.

We try to bring the best resources for our students. To bring excellent resources and a challenging educational environment for your children.