If I had to base my opinion on how important education is, I would have to say that it is the most vital thing for a person to achieve. Without it, I would not be considered a complete human being. I have read many opinions on this topic and I have gathered them together to form what I believe is the most realistic analysis of the matter.

I will put it in clear concise words as I see it. Education is the most vital component of a person’s life regardless of his or her age. Not only does education serve as a means to realize one’s full potential but it also teaches one to be considerate, to act in a reasonable manner, to communicate effectively, to excel in one’s craft, etc. It teaches one to make decisions, control one’s actions, and use reason to arrive at sound conclusions. If one is not formally educated, he cannot be considered fully human; however, because he is human he has the capacity to learn and adapt quickly.

If you ask ten thousand people to describe what education means to them, ten thousand different answers would be given. People would say that it is the process of learning and gaining knowledge. Others would say that it is the path that leads to success. Yet, most people will agree that education is the process of learning. It is the technique by which one’s mind develops through the stimulation of learning. Learning takes place on three levels, earth, sky, and hell.

The earth is the layer of facts and knowledge on which one’s body is nourished while on this layer is the human’s base of vital forces. All things that can be identified with the human being are on this level. Hence education begins at the human level and its highest point is the human mind. Mental growth is the primary concern of children. Hence it is the children who are the head and shoulders of our educational system. The mud of the classroom is the foundation of our education system. The things that the students learn on a daily basis are scientifically confirmed and scientifically true. The science class is the laboratory for the students’ learning.

The earth is the layer of vital forces on which people depend for their possible development. The vital forces determine one’s capability to learn and to solve all kinds of mathematical, scientific, and other logical puzzles, and they are located on the three layers of the educational system. People draw their powers of reasoning from the various layers of the educational system and their educational system as well.

The sky is the layer of feelings and emotions on which people based their decision and action on. People rely on the feeling layer of education. The feelings of joy, love, and sadness help people to get their reactions in a proper way. The layers of education are decided by the stage of human life that each child has. The child who is happy at the school is the one who will grow the best in society. The one who is not oppressed by the system is the one who will grow the best in society.

The hell or the negative side of education is the thing that people don’t know the importance of education. The ignorance people have can lead to superstition that causes a lot of problems in the world. The superstition may cause serious health and economic disturbances. It is the teachers and the activities of the school that against superstition.

The education of the people is the foundation on which the social order is built. Modern technology will change the way of learning but the teachers will still play an important role in modern education. Students will still learn on the principle of being knowledgeable and learning that is unique and different from what has been taught to them in the past. The children will learn to differentiate the old knowledge from the new knowledge and apply them in different circumstances. This will create a great impact on the social structure of society.

India is under the algorithm of the 21st century where the talent seekers the unbending, lift the bars when it comes to social status and the reality of life keeps on evolving. Musical education will enhance the social scope of a child even more than what students get now. The present education system not only restricted access to education but also the quality of education and so it will create a new type of society.

The states of the U.P and PTgovt are the most backward in terms of the current education system but with the illumination from the internet, music education will make a lot of alterations in the lives of the students and the schools also. The students with musical inclined abilities can seek employment through online music schools. So that they can commence with the help of the internet immediately. This is one major reason that most aspiring students today are opting for the online method of learning music.